Tuesday, 3 March 2009

2nd March, Spring is here!

We are now officially in the first week of Spring.

The last two weeks has seen an end to the snow in the Peak District and some distinctly warmer weather after weeks of being around or below freezing. On 20th February, whilst returning from a walk Mike observed a large flock of Lapwings near the summit of Snake Pass. Catkins (on Hazel and Alder) are now on the trees and daffodils are growing fast on the sheltered south facing slopes (under Bretton Edge).

This morning we heard the first Skylarks of the yearsinging whilst hovering above Foolow. They migrate south to warmer countries for the winter returning in the Spring. They are ground nesting birds. The males usually arrive back to this country ahead of the females and select the nesting site, trying to drive other males away. Our first lambs have also arrived.

Spring. Don’t hold your breath though, tomorrows forecast is for high winds and rain in The Peak.