Monday, 18 May 2009

Mike and Janes High Atlas Adventure

Just returned from 10 days in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The first time out of Europe for Mike (though not sure his trips to Albania quite count as Europe), and quite an adventure it was.

We wanted to undertake an exploratory visit to the High Atlas with a view to developing an itinerary for taking and leading our own clients in subsequent years. After hours of careful studying and pouring over the map we came up with a proposed itinerary. In the end it had to be changed because there was so much snow this year, but Morocco is such an interesting place it didn't matter too much.

We are in the process of writing up the detail, but I am sure those faithful followers of this blog (are there any?) will not be hearing the last of the Atlas Mountains.

In the meantime you can see our photos on flickr

Morocco 23.JPG