Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Slovenia 2012

Following our successful visit to Slovenia’s Julian Alps, we will be introducing some holidays there into our programme for 2012.

The spring flowers are at their best in the high alpine pastures at the end of May and beginning of June.  It is a time when the Marmots come out of hibernation and can be seen in family groups with the young ones play fighting.
As well as Marmots we were amazed to see Golden Eagles soaring above us and dropping into their Eyries.

The classic alpine chalets of the high farms are wonderful and the people so friendly.  We will be based in a traditional high village called Stara Fuzina just a few minutes walk away from Lake Boinj. Some days the walks will start from the hotel, though on a couple we will drive just a few minutes either to gain some height of to get to the other side of the valley.

Keep an eye on our programme and join us for the stunning nature, sceneary and walking