Saturday, 3 April 2010

Challenging Navigation - Easter Saturday 2010

Intermediate Navigation Course, a tour of the aircraft wrecks on Kinder Scout.

Today we enjoyed Kinder Scout at its wintery best with three clients on our intermediate navigation course.  We nearly failed at the start as a film crew were trying to tell us that the (public) road and parking at Barber Booth was closed so that they could film an episode of Jane Eyre.  However clients and ourselves did manage the rendez-vous and begin the course more or less on time.

From Upper Booth we ascended Crowden Brook to the “edge path”  where we began our navigation legs via two wreck sites before a perfect leg to Crowden Head.  Deep snow proved hilarious at times and more than a few times people disappeared into thigh deep drifts.

From Crowden Head we crossed to the River Kinder and on to Kinder Gates before finding another wreck site near Kinder Low. Noe Stool and a further two wreck sites involving cunning navigation and even “contouring” across some steep ground before descending The Cloughs to the bottom of the Jacob’s Ladder Path.

A grand day out and well done Andy, Steve and Phil!