Friday, 4 June 2010

Tipsy Mice Drowned Rats, and Wonderful Flowers!

10 days at our Mountain House in Spain's Sierra Nevada, saw us clearing and planting trees around the house.  Last autumn we made 5 litres of wine from our grapes, which had been maturing in the cool of our old house.  However we discovered that a mouse had become trapped inside the house, and nibbled the plastic of the container; all the wine had seeped out - or been drunk by the mouse!
DSCF6170.JPG by Mountain House Holidays.
We also had a few days walking, including a lovely walk around Trevenque, however during the afternoon, the storm clouds gathered, resulting in us getting well and truly soaked during quite a violent a thunderstorm over the western peaks of the mountain range.  Not to be daunted, however we managed to walk to the Poqueira Refuge across some serious snow pathches, then climbed Caballo with Martin, by the western ridge, a first for us, and again crossing some serious snow.
DSCF6174.JPG by Mountain House Holidays.
The early summer flowers were at their peak this year, following all the rain of earlier months, and produced a stunning array.  Technorati Tags: , , ,