Thursday, 19 September 2013

A Journey through the High Julian Alps

This September we were joined by 8 intrepid explorers, to once again venture into the beautiful and dramatic mountains of the Julian Alps of Slovenia.

 Our journey began in the northwest corner of the country, under the north face of Triglav, Slovenia's highest mountain. We promised the group a stunning view, however we arrived in the dark, and the next morning dawned cool, with cloud swirling around the summits, so this would have to await our return.

During the following days, we climbed to high mountain huts, teetered around some improbable paths, relaxed by mountain lakes, watched Marmots, Ibex and eagles and enjoyed the wonderful hospitality offered by hut guardians.

Walking in the Julian Alps provides some amazing contrasts; one day we would be following a path constructed as military roads during the first world war, the next climbing over a high summit protected by iron pitons, then dropping down through beech forest to a beautiful high summer pasture, to drink mountain tea and sample home made cheese.

A successful ascent of Triglav was the highlight of the first week, but sadly not to be repeated, as snow and ice meant our second weeks itinerary had to be changed. However that stunning view of Triglav's north face did not disappoint, and offered inspiration for another trip next year.