Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Finca Montaña "The Good Life"

Autumn’s Harvest is gathered at Finca Montaña.

Collecting the almonds
The walnuts, chestnuts and almonds are all now gathered.  It has been a poor year for Almonds in the Alpujarra and Sierra Nevada due to a combination of frosts getting at the blossom and high winds as the nuts were setting.  The grape harvest was poor too.  Probably due a lot of mists at our height (1300m) throughout the summer.  Most peoples grapes around here seemed to suffer the same mildew fate.

We have chestnuts in abundance and have been experimenting with chestnut recipes, though so far the best use for them has either been Chestnuts roasted on the fire or various forms of chestnut stuffing. Delicious!

This year we had to leave Spain in mid-October so didn’t manage to gather all of the grapes in.  As a result we have only been able to make 25 litres of wine this year. Although with wine so cheap in Spain I sometimes wonder if it’s worth the effort of making our own wine…..  Of course it is!  It will be bottled in December and will take pride of place at the dinner table for special events.

The Grape Harvest!
We had bought a new grape press this year to replace our traditional method of treading the grapes (in the washing up bowl).  It’s such good fun harvesting your own grapes and making your own wine.  With a predicted world shortage of wine looming in the next few years I’m starting to plan creating our own vineyard and will be planting next spring.  So if you fancy a working holiday contributing to save the world from a wine shortage combined with some fine walking, book your stay at Finca Montaña.

We’re currently enjoying a few weeks back in the U.K. but come the start of December we’ll be back to start the job of pruning our fruit trees, and turning the land over with our cultivator.

So the big plan for next year is to develop the wine producing alongside taking in guests and leading guided walks.  If you fancy staying at Finca Montaña visit our website.

December, walking in a T shirt!
Finca Montaña is a great, reasonably priced, base for walkers to enjoy the spectacular hill and mountain walking that the Alpujarra and Sierra Nevada have to offer. Walking is possible throughout the year in The Alpujarra though it’s a good idea to miss the heat of August. Even in January and February it is often possible to walk wearing a T shirt. Walking in the High Sierra Nevada is cooler! The best months are June, July, September and October though if you fancy some snowshoeing (possibly combined with some warmer walking in the Alpujarra), February is a good time to visit.

Mike and Jane the owners of Finca Montaña are both qualified International Mountain Leaders with an extensive knowledge of walking in The Alpujarra and Sierra Nevada.